October’s speaker – Theo’s review.

November 6, 2014

Once again we have been fortunate with our speaker.
Dr. Elizabeth Stanley, made comparisons between East Timor and West Papua and the manner in which the armed forces of Indonesia have behaved in East Timor and how it is now acting as an occupying force in West Papua.

She listed eight forms of repression, They are;
Repression through representation.
Repression through Silencing.
Repression through Brutal ‘Performances’
Repression through everyday social control.
Repression through Intelligence networks.
Repression through Militias.
Repression through Lack of legal protection.
Repression through Economy.

Since studying the situation in West Papua which started with a very full history from Johnny Blades, about East Timor, we are well aware that all these techniques have been used, and are still being used by Indonesia, and their continued occupation of West Papua is an insult to the tenants of the United Nations. All this continues for the principle benefit of one country, and that is Indonesia, although America, with the Freeport mine, and others with the extraction of minerals and forestry is all done with little if any consideration for the indigenous people.

For me as a New Zealander, the greatest disappointment is our countries continued support of Indonesia along with others, and the only justification is trade.
In answer to the question “If there was any of the interviews of torture victims which she could share with us?” I was shocked, and I was not the only one, to learn of the young girls used as sex slaves for the convenience of the Indonesian Army and how one of them she interviewed was brutally tortured for attempting to escape. I wish it was otherwise but where Indonesia is involved in occupation the news will always be shocking.